Website Design and Development

Website Design and Development

Be the Master of your own Domain

At the bottom of any online communications strategy is your online presence and it all starts with your website.  Our web development teams have put together the technical platforms, the creative and the messaging that provide a solid foundation for online activities and conversions for small and enterprise-level business and non-profit organizations. We keep an eye on industry standards and best practices and offer project management to ensure that projects stay on track and on budget.

Content Management

We specialize in WordPress and Joomla Content Management Systems for a few good reasons. They allow our clients with the means and the will to manage and update their own content easily.  For those that don’t, it drastically reduces the cost of web maintenance. They are well supported by a world -wide community of developers and provide limitless opportunity for functionality without being tied to proprietary software.

Website  Design

Our techno-geek developer capabilities are well balanced by our appreciation for aesthetic and the creative side of our teams that obsess over fonts, colors and spacing, ensuring that applications developed are introduced in their finest clothing.  Involvement ranges from full custom design and implementation to renovating existing templates. At the center of web design is the user experience.  User centered design is the keystone of our approach.

Mobile Web Development

Responsive design is a must for web development today as phones and tables quickly gain ground.  Mobile application development and fully responsive website development are built into every project possible.

Content Development

The success of your website rests on developing the right content to clearly and succinctly communicate to your audience. We can help you present material, develop your copy and image content to put your best foot forward.

Search Engine Optimization and Analytics

Website benchmarks are tied to your business goals and it’s key to keep your eye on the ball during and after website development.  Analytics provide the information you need to know if your site is reaching its objectives in traffic, content consumption and conversion. Development phase offers  the first opportunity to build a site that is friendly to search engines and built with the content and copy that will attract your target audience.  Analytics provides the feedback for ongoing efforts to always refine, improve and grow your business.